Humotech Goes Mobile With the Portable Caplex System

August 24, 2021 | By: Danielle Commisso

Mobile, modular, and high-performance: the BCK-001 takes wearable assistive device research and development beyond the lab.

Humotech now offers a completely portable robotic emulation system to assist the research and development of wearable assistive devices. Introducing the BCK-001 Portable Caplex System – a compact, lightweight version of Caplex that can be worn as a backpack inside or outside of the lab, or mounted for benchtop operation.

If you’re looking for a versatile, high-performance emulator platform, and don’t need the full power and torque of our laboratory based units, the BCK-001 is for you. Read on to learn about the benefits of our new portable system!

High-Performance Technology, Expanded Capabilities

The robust BCK-001 gives users the freedom to experiment using Caplex in a variety of different settings. As a backpack, it can be worn both on and off of a treadmill in the lab, beyond the lab setting, and outdoors in dry conditions. Weighing about the same as a typical hiking backpack (20-28 lbs), wearers can perform nearly any activity that can be done off of a treadmill, including walking or running over uneven terrain, jumping, climbing, turning, and more.

BCK-001 can also be adapted for use on a benchtop version, with power from an onboard battery or a standard wall outlet. This is ideal for anyone interested in a lean, scaled-down, portable emulation system that is easily transported and set up.

See it in action. Watch how the portable system performs with our low-profile ankle exoskeleton, EXO-005:

Design – Test Then Build

Like our full-sized Caplex system, the BCK-001 Portable Caplex System allows users to rapidly test and build prototypes. However, the expanded capabilities enable many new applications and opportunities using Caplex.

For example, with an actuation and control package that can be taken into the field, BCK-001 can help commercial developers efficiently design exoskeletons that more effectively reduce strain and effort for workers, athletes, or the general population performing dynamic repetitive tasks.

“BCK-001 provides a platform to explore the kinds of devices end users want, and that are practical in the real world,” says Gabriel Forsythe y Korzeniewicz, Director of Sales and Business Development at Humotech. 

“We’ve had a lot of interest in a smaller Humotech system that can be taken off the treadmill, and have been developing this solution for a while – we’re excited to finally offer this to our community.”

Versions of the BCK-001 are already in use by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, Clemson University, and a consumer athletics company. 

BCK-001 can be used indoors or outdoors, in or outside of the lab.

Integrated Actuation and Control

BCK-001 consolidates a 2-axis Actuator Unit (ACT002A06) and Control System into a single integrated backpack-sized enclosure, including:

  • Windows Host PC (HPC002), which runs the graphical user interface and Matlab/Simulink programming interface;
  • Real-time controller (RTS-002), including a compact high-performance Speedgoat Unit;
  • I/O unit (IOB-005B01) to interface with Caplex or other hardware; 
  • Single-phase AC wall power or DC battery power options.

Currently, the BCK-001 is available for use with ankle exoskeletons EXO-001 and EXO-005, with plans to expand usage to prosthetics and other wearable devices. 

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