Supporting Our Mission

Humotech is part of a large community of organizations and individuals including academic, government, and commercial laboratories, and researchers, healthcare professionals, and end-users. We are committed to developing strategic partnerships with leading organizations and individuals mutually dedicated to pursuing new and better solutions.

We would like to thank our partners for their continued support. Below is a section of some of our key partners.

Our Collaborators

We work with Dr. Elliott Rouse who directs the Neurobionics Lab at the University of Michigan.

Our Suppliers

We use ANSYS Mechanical in the design and analysis of our devices. See Humotech Case Study.

We use Avient’s Gordon Composites materials for compliance in our wearable devices. See Humotech Case Study.

We use FUTEK load cells and signal conditioners for all of our force measurement needs. See Application Note 167.

We use Jen Rocket, LLC for our custom soft goods design and manufacturing.  

The brains of our emulator systems are written in MATLAB/Simulink. See Humotech User Story and Startup Short.

Our actuator units are designed and built in collaboration with Neff Automation.

We manufacture custom parts with Protolabs. See Q&A.

Our code runs in Simulink Real-Time on Speedgoat machines. See Speedgoat Success Story.

Interested in Partnering with Us?

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