Josh Caputo, PhD

Founder, President & CEO

Josh Caputo founded Humotech in 2015 as a spin-off from research based on his PhD thesis work in the Experimental Biomechatronics Laboratory (directed by Steve Collins) at Carnegie Mellon University. Josh’s driving passion is for developing and commercializing cutting-edge robotics technology that addresses current societal needs while at the same time helping us to realize our dreams for the future of robotics.

Josh began his PhD research asking, “What if we could build a better foot?” His question quickly became, “What if we could change the world to make life better for folks with mobility impairments?” To solve this much larger problem required imagining a new approach to prosthesis design, one that didn’t rely on traditional prototyping. That led to the creation of the Caplex system, its first wearable assistive device (an ankle-foot prosthesis), and Humotech.

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