Real Humans

Sameer Gosalia

Wearable Robotics Engineer - Intern

Sameer is a rising Junior attending North Allegheny Senior High School with a strong passion for robotics and engineering—one that he hopes to grow and utilize for the benefit of advancing wearable machines here at Humotech. This passion has been fostered over the course of eight years of participation in the FIRST programs. He is currently leading the mechanical and manufacturing aspects of a world-class FTC and FRC team, and he participates in local science and engineering fairs. Over the course of his engineering journey, he has developed seven unique competition robots and three separate science projects. While he certainly enjoys the thrill of engineering, the most important part of his work is the cause of helping others in need—something he tries to embody in all aspects of life. Over the course of this summer, he looks forward to combining both of these passions to create meaningful impacts through the mission of Humotech.

"The greatest resource is time, and you can't buy back the clock."

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