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“We love our Humotech actuator units; they are extremely powerful, well-built and reliable. They have saved us several person-years on engineering and allowed us to get to the scientific questions we're interested in more quickly. I'd recommend this product to anyone, and not just because Josh is a lab alumnus."
“I’m a graduate student working on powered hip exoskeleton at Georgia Tech. We recently got the 6 DOF Humotech Caplex system, which will be used extensively for research from now on. I really like both the device/research relating to Bowden cable-driven actuators."
“Humotech is the reason I haven’t created a rat’s nest of wires and safety violations in our lab trying to cobble together a motor system. Keep up the good work!"
"As an undergraduate, having access to a Humotech system is incredibly helpful since I can participate in the development of controls for exoskeletons without the need to spend time building a full device."
“I’m a graduate student working on a powered knee exoskeleton with Dr. Aaron Young at the Exoskeleton & Prosthetic Intelligent Controls Lab at Georgia Tech. Humotech develops innovative, smartly designed mechanical and controls systems for wearable robotic devices."
“Humotech helps our lab test models for prosthetics and exoskeletons in order to save time and money. Thanks for all you do."
“Humotech exoskeleton emulator technology allowed us to hit the ground running in biomechanics experiments without the need to invest time in prototyping exoskeletons. Dr. Caputo and his company have been very helpful in providing technical support with different aspects ranging from designing our custom controllers to improving experimental setups and sometimes even attending pilot testing sessions via video-conferencing. What I think is relatively unique in this field is that they can design custom end-effectors depending on the requests of different research groups."
"Having zero experience with exoskeletons, I was quite nervous and intimidated to work with our new Humotech Caplex system. From our very first video chat (hooray for remote installs during a pandemic), the Humotech crew were so helpful and accommodating to my inexperience. They are always available to answer my many questions and have given me the tools and confidence I needed to design some exciting new experiments related to locomotor adaptation. Speaking of experiments – thanks to Humotech’s willingness to expand, we also have the capacity to recruit a much broader range of participants than ever before, now that we have exoskeleton shoe sizes ranging from women’s 5.5 to men’s 12. I am excited to work with Humotech and to see where our Caplex system takes us!"
“Humotech tools have bridged the gap for more streamlined, effective, and efficient research developments that will drive the walking improving results of tomorrow."
“Humotech’s emulator technology is truly cutting-edge and game-changing. We were so thrilled when we were able to purchase and get the system installed in Omaha. I know that Humotech’s emulator will expand our research capacity for prosthetic/exoskeleton and clinical research projects. These projects have also helped attract many talented students who are interested in robotics-based research. Dr. Caputo and his team are very helpful, and they have helped us tremendously when we were first learning to use the system. We are truly excited to be starting new projects with the Humotech Caplex system."
“The Humotech system allows me to modify different parameters without having to change the exo or any of its parts. It’s a great time saver and I can start collecting much sooner than if I had to design or change something every experiment."

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