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Caplex is a modular platform that offers new ways of approaching complex research problems related to the basic science of human motion and technology to enhance mobility. We collaborate with researchers across scientific disciplines, including those working in rehabilitation, biomechanics, robotics, and more. Together, we are helping to establish a stronger empirical foundation for advancing our society’s knowledge.

Caplex is a solution for researchers:

If you’re looking to take your research to the next level, contact us today!

We’ll help you clarify what you need and how we can help, whether it’s a full Caplex system built to suit, a subset of the system components we offer, or simply tips or a referral.

We love to collaborate and would be happy to provide the specific information you need for grant applications. If your project requires a product we don’t currently have or if our experience could be an asset to your project, let’s have a conversation about how else we can contribute!

We’ll help get things working again if Caplex ever breaks down; you don’t need to have a robotics expert on your team.

No worries—we come from academic roots and we get it. With Humotech, there’s no “academia-vendor” conflict. You won’t void the warranty if you open the hood. We respect your need to publish and apply for your own patents. We want to help realize your vision, and we aim to elevate the entire field for the good of everyone.

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The open-source, artificially intelligent prosthetic leg designed by researchers at the University of Michigan will be brought to the research market by Humotech, a Pittsburgh-based assistive technology company.

The goal of the collaboration is to speed the development of control software for robotic prosthetic legs, which have the potential to provide the power and natural gait of a human leg to prosthetic users.

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