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We encourage you to review our frequently asked questions below. For other questions, please contact our team.

Not yet! We are currently working with the US Department of Defense, US Department of Veterans Affairs, and other to develop, evaluate, and validate an emulator-based test-drive strategy to inform prosthetic foot prescription learn more.

In the context of wearable robotics, an emulator is a system that enables the user to experience the physical sensations of wearing different assistive devices (or device settings) while wearing just one reprogrammable device. Experimenters can emulate commercially-available products or purely hypothetical designs, and everything in between. Unlike in a simulation, the user experiences the real-world physical characteristics of the device being tested. In addition to emulation, Caplex can also be used to perform other functions, such as applying perturbations or rehabilitation/training paradigms.

At this time, Caplex, including the “test-drive” evaluation tool, is only available for use in research & development laboratories. If you are interested in learning more about participating in a study, we may be able to make a recommendation. Please contact us.

No. Humotech is NOT a medical or clinical facility, and we do not serve patients.

Let’s talk. We are laying the groundwork for our commercial device catalog, including developing test methods to evaluate mechanical function. Please contact us.

Not at all! One of the main reasons why we were inspired to create Caplex was to empower those who don’t have years of engineering or robotics experience to tackle interesting questions in prosthesis, orthosis, and exoskeleton design.

We’ve built Caplex to be flexible and efficient, including a modular approach to work with a variety of device types. Let us know what you have or what you’d like to do. We will do our best to devise a solution with our off-the-shelf modules, or propose a custom solution to address your questions. Please contact us.

No! The system is modular and designed with this kind of flexibility in mind. We have several customers who have developed their own wearable assistive devices or other end-effectors.

Absolutely. Our standard support package includes everything you might need, even on-site installation and training. We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure you get the most out of your Caplex system.

Your Caplex system can be configured for use in a variety of settings. Our full-sized off-board system requires 3-phase power and, for most applications, a treadmill. Our backpack system requires only wall power. Contact us to discuss which configuration would work best for you.

We currently have systems being used outside of the United States, but our international experience is limited. Please contact us to discuss the process for acquiring a Caplex system in your country.

Given how modular and customizable the system is, there is not one simple answer to this question. Our pricing is designed to balance accessibility to most R&D labs with our need to continually innovate. Please contact us for a quote.

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