Our Research Focuses

We strive to base all that we do on the latest scientific evidence and are actively engaged in the study of human movement and development of technologies to enhance human motion. Much of this work is performed and disseminated in collaboration with other organizations we are proud to call our partnersOur core research and development areas include:

We are continuously improving and expanding the capabilities of Caplex in ways we think are most responsive to the needs of the community. Head over to Products > In Development page to view our newest additions to the platform.

We are applying Caplex to the exploration of critical design questions in the pursuit of more effective prosthetic, orthotic, and exoskeleton devices. 

We are exploring the application of Caplex technology to enable test-drive strategies to inform the design & selection of prosthetics & orthotics in clinical practice. 

New topics and device types we are beginning to explore include:

Collaborative Research Publications

Measured forefoot stiffness across a range of commercially-available prosthetic feet for example users with lower limb amputation

Ruxin TR, Halsne EG, Turner AT, Curran CS, Caputo JM, Morgenroth DC. (2020) VA RR&D Center for Limb Loss and Mobility Young Investigator Symposium.

Determining the relationship between prosthetic foot preference and self-reported and performance-based outcome measures in veterans and service members with transtibial amputations

Behrens KM, Walker NR, Hansen AH, Brousseau LM, Childers WL, Caputo JM, Curran CS, Hafner BJ, Halsne EG, Turner AT, Morgenroth DC (2020) National Assembly of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association.

Use of a robotic prosthetic foot emulator to predict prosthetic foot preference

Turner AT, Halsne EG, Hansen AH, Walker NR, Behrens KM, Childers WL, Brousseau LM, Caputo JM, Curran CS, Hafner BJ, Morgenroth DC. (2020) Military Health System Research Symposium.

The effect of different prosthetic feet on performance-based balance outcome measures in service members and veterans with unilateral transtibial amputations

Cooper KJ, Childers WL, Behrens KM, Brousseau LM, Caputo JM, Curran CS, Hafner BJ, Halsne EG, Hansen AH, Turner AT, Walker NR, Morgenroth DC. (2020) Military Health System Research Symposium.

Customer Research Publications

Interested in Partnering on Research Opportunities?

We would be excited to explore how we can work together on advancing our understanding of human biomechanics and help to develop transformative mobility solutions.

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