Human Motion Technologies
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Accelerating Innovation
in Wearable Machines

Humotech exists to reduce startup time, improve efficiency, and help realize more successes in the research and development of wearable machines with its unique platform of tools and services to clear long-standing bottlenecks to innovation.

As collaborators in this field for 13+ years, we recognize the many challenges scientists and developers in the field face; thus we are particularly keen on:

With our technology, we aim to empower individuals to be changemakers, while anchoring all stages of research, development, testing, evaluation, productization, and commercialization on the imperative to create technology that actually works for the people it’s intended to benefit. We are building a world as exciting as science fiction leads us to imagine by applying rigorous evidence-based methodologies to tough problems for which we know simple solutions must exist. We believe that the field of wearable machines possesses enormous unrealized potential, and are confident that we will unlock it together through collaboration,  commitment to the individual user, and platform technologies that align all stakeholders to work smarter, together.

Our technology has been successfully deployed to 23+ laboratories in the U.S., Canada, and Europe where our customers rely on our products in groundbreaking projects from clinical trials of new rehabilitation paradigms to new product ideation and successful commercialization. We’re so grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of our customers, especially when they push us to be better.

What is a wearable machine?

Many terms have been used to describe the various devices we work with. This can get pretty confusing, so we’ve coined a new term that we believe encapsulates them all. A wearable machine is a device worn on the body that interacts forcefully with the user to affect their motion, including:
  • Devices such as prosthetics, orthotics, exoskeletons, exosuits, wearable robotics, and beyond
  • Intended uses such as assistance, resistance, rehabilitation, training, augmentation, support, and beyond

Our Vision

We want all individuals to be able to leverage the best available technology in order to realize their mobility goals and improve their lives.

Our Mission

To transform the way the world develops and uses wearable machines.


We place people and the planet before profits, and we prioritize long-term sustainability over short-term gains.


We recognize our team as our greatest strength and believe that inclusive collaboration with end users and our customers is the path to progress.


We aspire to be leaders in innovation and quality through continuous self-improvement.

Let's Improve Mobility

We provide products that support development.

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