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Wearable Robotics Engineer


We are looking for a mechanical engineer with a passion for designing and building wearable robotics to join our team. Expertise with the fundamentals of best practices in mechanical engineering are a must, exposure to biomedical, electrical, and software engineering would be pluses.

This position has a strong focus on mechanical design from ideation and conceptualization to in-depth engineering analysis and design, to building and testing complex systems with high quality standards. The position will entail design, prototyping, coordinating with vendors, quality assurance, assembly, and testing. Candidates should be proficient with the in-depth static and dynamic analysis of complex interdependent mechanical systems, and using the high level analysis to conduct efficient simulations. Candidates should expect to perform the production, assembly, testing and documentation of new devices and systems.

This candidate should have a passion for researching current and past developments in the field and working with the Humotech team to deliver best-in-class prosthetic, exoskeleton, and other wearable machine technology. Proficiency and sensitivity to human factors are crucial to be successful in this position. Our team is lean, agile, dedicated, and extremely driven to deliver quality solutions quickly and efficiently — candidates must thrive in a “startup” environment.



  • BS in Mechanical Engineering or related engineering degree
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience with mechanical design projects or related experience
  • Advanced education may count toward years of experience but a portfolio showcasing projects you have designed and built is a must
  • Broad experience with robotic systems (including mechanism design, kinematics and dynamics, feedback control, sensors and sensing, mechatronics and optimization), human factors and ergonomics, and a variety of design/simulation softwares (e.g. SolidWorks, AutoCAD, MATLAB, Simulink, ANSYS, Ultium, Eagle, KiCAD, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience with prototyping, machining (manual and CNC), fabrication and maintenance of mechanical systems

Necessary Skills

  • You must be proficient at creating free-body diagrams and have a comprehensive mastery of quasi-static analysis
  • Proficiency with hands on machining, assembly, and quality control experience
  • Experience with designing and building mechanical hardware for real world environments (mechanics and dynamics, mechanical fatigue, material selection, composites, GD&T, etc)
  • Experience with building and designing robotic hardware for real world environments (kinematics and dynamics of systems, PCB design (power and analog circuits), signal processing, motors & drives, etc.)
  • Be a good human – get along with the team, build strong working relationships, and execute on Humotech’s values
  • Team collaboration in a primarily in-office environment
  • Ability to manage time and meet project deadlines
  • Intermediate interpersonal, communication and presentation skills required to communicate with customers, employees, and vendors
  • Strong organizational skills, creativity, motivation, and communication (oral and written) ability required
  • Willing to tackle multiple projects simultaneously in a dynamic team environment
  • Prior experience in software or embedded system development or use pertaining to data acquisition and control is beneficial
  • Candidates must have a willingness to work outside of their discipline to accomplish project goals
  • Have an innate desire to document assembly processes and clearly communicate workflow to the engineering team
  • Willing to learn things quickly and adapt to the needs of clients and projects
  • Ability to prepare for design reviews and justify decision making
  • Experience with reading, understanding and creating technical drawings
  • Self starter mindset with the courage to try new things
  • Capability of thriving in a cross-disciplinary and collaborative environment


  • In-depth analysis of status and dynamic of mechanical component validating
  • Mechanical analysis via Analytical calculation and simulation
  • Mechanical design, analysis, assembly and testing of wearable machines
  • Select, interface, calibrate and test electrical sensors and components
  • Mechanical part drawings, PCB design and layout, vendor selection and communication
  • Utilize and develop software tools to perform in-depth analysis of components and subassemblies including rotary actuators, biosensors, or related controls
  • Software/controller development, testing, and documentation

Applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio through our website to be considered for this position.


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