Real Humans
The Humotech team is dedicated to helping the wearable robotics ecosystem discover new and better ways of enhancing human locomotion that work in the real world. With diverse professional and academic backgrounds, we are equipped and eager to support researchers and developers working on their next breakthrough.
Josh Caputo

Josh Caputo, PhD

Founder, President & CEO
As President & CEO, Josh leads the Humotech team on its bold mission to transform the way the world develops and uses wearable machines...
Carl Curran

Carl Curran, MS

Director of Engineering
Carl Curran saw the need for prostheses and exoskeletons early on—his uncle is an amputee and his grandfather was wheelchair bound...
Candice Caputo

Candice Caputo, MA

Chief Operating Officer
Candice is a certified human-centered design practitioner focused on strategy, project management, and hands-on development of digital...
Troy Bradbury

Troy Bradbury, MS

Wearable Robotics Engineer
Troy has always been interested in prosthetics and human augmentation through mechanical systems. He earned a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering...
Cassie Slarb

Cassie Slarb

Operations Specialist
Cassie studied Health Information Management Technologies at Columbus State Community College, where she earned degrees in Health Information...
Richie Stuver

Richie Stuver

Software Engineer
Richie recently graduated from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department’s top-ranked Master of Science in Computer Science program...
Geoff Turner

Geoff Turner, JD

Business Development Executive
Geoff is a goals-driven executive, bringing 20+ years of legal and management experience in the manufacturing and care side of the O&P industry...
Cherie Rogan

Cherie Rogan, MBA

Director of Finance
Cherie has 18 years of accounting experience in a wide variety of industries including insurance, construction, real estate, restaurants, medical...
Sarah Dehler

Sarah Dehler

Accounting Manager
Sarah derived her love for accounting through her early career in management. Since receiving her accounting degree, she has spent the past two years...
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Ashley Zeman

Wearable Robotics Engineer - Intern
Ashley is a Junior at Penn State University studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering with a focus in Biomechanics. The idea of working in robotics began...
Sameer Gosalia

Sameer Gosalia

Wearable Robotics Engineer - Intern
Sameer is a rising Junior attending North Allegheny Senior High School with a strong passion for robotics and engineering—one that he hopes to grow...


Jeffrey Brandt

Jeffrey Brandt, CPO

O&P Business Strategy
Jeffrey M. Brandt, CPO founded Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics, an evidence-based P&O practice with fourteen offices across three states...
Joyce Perrone

Joyce Perrone

O&P Operations Advisor
Joyce Perrone has been involved in many aspects of consulting to the medical community. She has formerly been an employee of De La Torre O&P...
Mary Ann Miknevich

Mary Ann Miknevich

Medical O&P Rehabilitation
Throughout my medical career, I have been dedicated to the care of patients with limb loss/limb difference. A lifelong Pittsburgher...
Anthony Potter

Anthony Potter

O&P Market Strategy
Anthony F. Potter is a serial product development and commercialization expert with over 30 years of experience in a range of medical device fields...
Jeremy Lewis

Jeremy Lewis

Operations & DoD Specialist
LTC (R) Jeremy Lewis is a native of Jeromesville, Ohio. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science...
Ian Magazine

Ian Magazine

Business Growth Advisor
Ian serves as the CEO and President of Airviz, a pioneering company dedicated to advancing air quality monitoring through cutting-edge sensors and software...
Elora Gupta (5)

Elora Gupta, PhD

Regulatory Strategy
Elora has over two decades of experience in FDA regulatory strategy for streamlined medical product development and expedited FDA review for...
Mark Heckmann

Mark Heckmann

Business Growth Advisor
Mark is a capable entrepreneur who has a knack for finding opportunities and building companies off the beaten path. Working with fellow entrepreneurs...
Vik Mangalmurti

Vik Mangalmurti

Business Growth Advisor
Vik enjoys helping organizations from both the inside and from the outside. He has spent the last thirty years combining experience in consulting...
Eugene Patrone

Eugene Patrone

Government Affairs Advisor
Eugene is a Brooklyn native who has called Washington, DC home for more than 25 years. He is an established leader in government affairs...
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Marlia Fontaine-Weisse

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisor
Marlia Fontaine-Weisse is a dynamic learning leader with well over a decade of crafting programs for various audiences, with eLearning being her specialty...

Want to join
our team?

Want to join our team?

Humotech is building a strong team of advisors, collaborators, and core team members to help realize our vision for mobility. We encourage your to regularly check in for job postings and/or contact us directly regarding any interest in partnership opportunities.

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