Our Sustainability Pledge

Let's Lessen Our Impact on the Earth

“We place people and the planet before profits, and we prioritize long-term sustainability over short-term gains.”

We interpret this statement in the broadest sense possible, as individual and corporate stewards of the ecology of life on our planet Earth.

Central to our mission is the reduction of waste—time, monetary, and material—from the process of innovation in wearable machines.

Life is too short—and resources are too limited—to tolerate waste in a field dedicated to bettering the quality of life for individuals with mobility impairments and/or for whom enhancing mobility is a matter of safety, injury prevention, or even life & death. We view our commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, and consumption conscientiousness—that is, thinking about the resources and materials that we consume, where they comes from, where they will go, and what lasting impact they may have—as a comprehensive framework not only for how we conduct ourselves in our daily operations as a team but, more broadly, how we situate ourselves within our industry.

Our technology platform addresses these considerations by enabling the research, development, testing, and evaluation of ideas more rapidly, more accurately, and with less manufacturing of physical components.

These benefits positively impact the corporate bottom line, the individuals in need of solutions, and the planet, simultaneously.

Additionally, we strive for minimal environmental impact with lean, agile, and ecologically-conscious business operations.  The 5 R’s are ingrained in our culture and our business processes from planning, purchasing, manufacturing, shipping, maintenance, product end-of-life, and day-to-day consumption.

Please join us in our efforts to lessen our impact on the Earth where possible.

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