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You have an idea that could take human mobility to the next level. You’re searching for an easier way to bring your idea to life — one that’s not just faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective, but also supported by a strong evidence-based track record.

That’s where we come in. We provide both the tools and expertise to power your exploration, at every step of the way. Whether you’re a device designer or a researcher, a clinician or a professional, we’ll work with you to find solutions that fit your needs. Our hands-on approach to collaboration gives you the freedom to stay focused on what’s important–the big “what if” questions–instead of getting mired in the technical details.

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Our Customers & Target Markets

Our systems enable rapid, reliable, and cost-effective research, development, testing, and evaluation of the mechanics of wearable devices for anyone pursuing cutting-edge research and breakthrough innovations across industries.


The Caplex platform offers new ways of systematically approaching the complex science of human motion and the potential for mobility-enhancing technology. We collaborate with researchers across scientific disciplines, including those studying rehabilitation, biomechanics, kinesiology, robotics, and more. Together, we are helping to establish a stronger empirical foundation for advancing our knowledge of why we move in the ways that we do and what might be possible with products of the future.
Caplex is a solution for researchers:

  • Exploring how next-generation wearable machines—prostheses, orthoses, exoskeletons, and beyond—may improve patient outcomes, athletic performance, soldier’s endurance, and more

  • Deepening our understanding of the interactions between wearable technology and users

  • Experimenting with novel robotic control techniques, sensors, materials, and more that could improve the capabilities of wearable machines

  • Developing Human-In-The-Loop (HILO) approaches to improving the design and selection of wearable machines

If you’re looking to take your research to the next level, contact us today!
We’ll help you clarify what you need and how we can help, whether it’s a full Caplex system built to suit your needs, a subset of the system components we offer, or simply tips or a referral.
We love to collaborate and would be happy to provide the specific information you need for grant applications. If your project requires a product we don’t currently have or if our experience could be an asset to your project, let’s have a conversation about how else we can contribute!
Caplex is designed to be very reliable and easy to maintain by novices and experts alike. Whatever you need, we’ll help you get it working. Your system will include maintenance recommendations, warranties, and of course, technical support.
No worries—we come from academic roots and we get it. With Humotech, there’s no “academia-vendor” conflict. You won’t void the warranty if you open the hood. We respect your need to publish and apply for your own patents. We want to help realize your vision, and we aim to elevate the entire field for the good of everyone.

Commercial Manufacturers

One of our ultimate goals is to help companies create better and truly innovative prosthetics, exoskeletons, orthotics, and more so that individuals have far greater access to highly effective solutions than they do today. We enable developers to push the boundaries of device design, expand their capabilities, and explore entirely new possibilities.

Caplex offers a research-backed approach to accelerate your R&D, with less risk, shorter development time, and at lower cost. Design — Test — Then Build: instead of starting with a traditional prototype, you can test ideas in hours instead of weeks, informing and improving your prototype design before you’ve spent precious time and money on start-up.

Whether you’re interested in the Caplex system alone or in a deeper collaboration, we will work with you to meet your goals. Our approach is designed to help you focus on the bigger picture and not get bogged down with the technical details.

We work with commercial enterprises pursuing breakthroughs in device design for rehabilitation, injury prevention, augmentation and athletic performance, robotics, and others who are:
  • Searching for more effective wearable machines—prostheses, orthoses, exoskeletons, and beyond—that improve the health, mobility, and independence of patients who have reduced mobility

  • Exploring new applications, including exoskeletons, that protect bodies and enhance physical performance for consumer athletics, professional sports, military service members, and more

If you’re ready to push the boundaries of wearable machine design further and faster, contact us. We’d love to partner in whatever ways work best for your organization.


Today, we are leading fundamental research and clinical trials to evaluate Caplex’s ability to support evidence-based precision medicine approaches to the design and selection of prosthetic, orthotic, and other medical devices. Tomorrow, we envision Caplex as a tool that enables patients and clinicians to explore device options more quickly and effectively, leading to better results, more efficient billing and reimbursement, and reduced healthcare costs for all.
We engage with laboratories operating at the intersection of academic research and clinical practice, including through developing:M/span>

  • Tools to rapidly and systematically evaluate patient outcomes for prosthesis and orthosis users across various device options

  • Clinically-translatable new medical device product concepts, with a particular emphasis on mechanically-intelligent passive mechanisms

  • Supporting technology for investigators studying ways to improve mobility for individuals with cerebral palsy,peripheral artery disease, and more

If you are a clinician, researcher, medical professional, or patient interested in research and/or clinical trials, contact us!
Clinicians working with lower-limb amputees are faced with numerous options for protheses, yet the classic problem—how to determine which device is best for a given patient—remains. The typical trial-and-error approach to the prescription process can be time-consuming for clinicians and staff, costly for patients, and problematic for payers making billing and reimbursement decisions.

Humotech is developing an evaluation tool, currently in clinical trials, to overcome these challenges and provide an evidence-based, personalized approach to care. The tool uses a lightweight, programmable foot attached to the patient’s prescribed socket interface that mimics different prostheses — the patient experiences the physical sensation of wearing different devices without having to wait for the manufacture and fitting of each one.

This “test-drive” approach will provide clinicians with the data they need to match the most appropriate prosthetic device to each patient, quickly and confidently. The data will also help insurance companies confirm that a particular device is the right one for the patient.

Our goal is to have an extensive database that allows clinicians and patients to try out any available prosthetic device, leading to better results for all.

Government Laboratories

Working directly with publicly-funded agencies is part of our mission to enable innovative mobility solutions for all, including for some of the most vulnerable and at-risk populations. We help government stakeholders find better, faster, and more efficient means of addressing societal needs.

Backed by rigorous scientific research, Humotech’s tools and platform are helping to shape the technology of tomorrow through collaborations with the U.S. Department of Defense, including the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Army Medical Research and Development Command.

Current research & development initiatives that leverage Caplex technology include:
  • Improving patient outcomes among veterans, servicemembers, and their families who are living with lower limb loss and limb trauma through developing and validating technology to enable rapid trialing of candidate prosthetic and orthotic devices

  • Developing exoskeletons to mitigate injuries and accelerate recovery for active duty military service members

If you are a public agency working on breakthroughs in prosthetics, exoskeleton, orthotic, and/or wearable device design and applications, please contact us. We are particularly eager to connect with stakeholders with well-defined needs/gaps that are looking to collaborate on or co-develop solutions. Learn more via our capabilities statement.

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