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In the spirit of scientific inquiry and the interest of societal progress, we believe knowledge should be accessible. The Humotech community is a place for customers and anyone working or interested in wearable machines to engage with us and each other. Connect, start a conversation, share ideas, get inspired. Whether you’re a researcher or clinician, device designer or industry insider, patient or student there’s a place for you here.

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We proudly support new products and research within our community that aligns with our mission to improve the way we develop & use wearable machines. Check out what some of our colleagues are up to.

The Open-Source Bionic Leg Project

Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a completely open-source robotic prosthetic leg (OSL). The robust and relatively inexpensive modular system is designed to lower the barrier for conducting research by giving investigators an alternative to having to develop their own systems from scratch. Researchers can access downloadable hardware and software files on the website. The OSL hopes to unify the research field of prosthetic leg controls, facilitating comparison between control strategies and potentially streamlining the field towards highly functional robotic prosthetic legs. A fully-supported version of the OSL is now available for purchase through Humotech. Check it out on our Partner Products page!

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Bump’em – Stanford’s Gait Perturbation System

Researchers at Stanford University have created a completely open source robotic perturbation system (Bump’em). The system simulates various modes of fall-inducing perturbations in a repeatable way, enabling fundamental research on human gait and balance and facilitate the development of devices to assist human balance. To facilitate use by researchers from all backgrounds, the team designed both a configuration with simpler open-loop force control, and another with higher-performance, closed-loop force control. Both configurations are modular, and the open-loop system is made entirely from 3D-printed and catalog components. The design files and assembly instructions for both are freely available in an online repository. Please contact us if you’re interested in building a Humotech-supported version!

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