Modular, Customizable & Constantly Expanding
With Our Caplex System

Problem Solve
More Quickly

Building your own hardware/software R&D platform doesn’t cut it anymore—with our professional plug-and-play systems, you can focus limited resources on solving the grand challenges you strive to overcome, not wasting your time with practical engineering headaches.

Modular, customizable, and constantly expanding, Caplex can adapt to the needs of any project, in any industry, with any user—in the laboratory, or out in the real world. You are our motivation to constantly improve.

Want a full plug-and-play solution? We’ve got you covered! Interested but want to build your own custom end-effectors? That’s great. Like our hardware but want to build your own software? No problem. Intrigued but not seeing what you’re looking for? Let’s talk about custom development.

Systems Deployed Globally


We offer three system types: the Full-Sized Caplex System, our flagship laboratory-based product; the Portable Caplex system, the same Caplex paradigm in a much smaller and more portable package; and the Humotech Open Source Leg, a collaborative development with the University of Michigan that functions like a commercial powered leg but is totally customizable.

Full-Sized Caplex System

Product Types

Humotech systems are modular, customizable, and scalable thanks to a flexible architecture of several distinct product categories. Click below to learn more about each and view the options we’ve developed to date.

Not sure what you're looking for?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’re sure we can figure it out.

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