Real Humans

Ashley Zeman

Wearable Robotics Engineer - Intern

Ashley is a Junior at Penn State University studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering with a focus in Biomechanics. The idea of working in robotics began when she was introduced to building, programming, and controlling VEX robots in middle school. Since then, she has narrowed her focus towards prosthetics and exoskeletons with the hope of supporting those who do not have access to the resources they need to succeed. She is a Researcher in the Gait Optimization Lab at Penn State and is conducting research related to speed transitions in elderly adults to help optimize an exoskeleton created to help people recover post-stroke.

"Innovation is the marriage of creativity and practicality"

In her free time she is an avid fan of Formula 1, the Chassis Lead of Nittany Motorsports (the FSAE team at Penn State), a voracious reader, and an Ancient and European history enthusiast. She is excited to spend her summer at Humotech working towards her passion and helping those in need. 

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