Real Humans

Richie Stuver

Software Engineer

Richie recently graduated from the Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department’s top-ranked Master of Science in Computer Science program, where he developed hands-on expertise in topics across the forefront of the modern technology landscape, including AI/ML, distributed systems, algorithm design and analysis, low-level systems and database development, to name just a few.

Richie’s background is in technical program management and technology consulting, with over 7 years of experience leading agile software organizations at both startups and enterprises. Most recently he led program management for MyFitnessPal, where he was responsible for enabling the product engineering organization to deliver features and enhancements to 5M+ daily active users.

Academically, Richie was inducted into both The Phi Beta Kappa Society and The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi for outstanding scholarship while at Carnegie Mellon University. He spent one year studying international studies at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, and has regularly returned to Japan for both business and leisure. Outside of the professional and academic spheres, Richie is an avid outdoor enthusiast and musician, and he holds a deep love for science fiction.  

"You must know that a person’s ability to discern the truth is directly proportional to his knowledge.”

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