Real Humans

Sarah Dehler

Accounting Manager

Sarah derived her love for accounting through her early career in management.  Since receiving her accounting degree, she has spent the past two years honing her skills.  With a particular emphasis on cash flow management, she is passionate about helping businesses achieve their financial goals through consistency and design.

Where most people simply see numbers, Sarah sees poetry and balance.  She is eager to continue her role as the Accounting Manager at Humotech , and enjoys being a part of such an inspiring group.  In her free time she likes to spend time with her son, lift weights, and listen to true crime podcasts.

“Simplify, then add lightness”

Josh began his PhD research asking, “Can we use robotics to create  a better prosthetic foot?” Which quickly became, “How do we actually improve the world to enhance quality of life for people with mobility impairments?” Josh realized that in order to answer this much broader question required imagining a new approach to design, one that didn’t rely on traditional trial-and-error prototyping. That led to the creation of Humotech and the Caplex system. Josh founded Humotech in 2015 as a spin-off from research based on his PhD thesis work in the Experimental Biomechatronics Laboratory (directed by Steve Collins) at Carnegie Mellon University. Learn more about Our Story.

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