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Humotech’s 2021 Year in Review: Working Together to Embrace Change

The constant state of rapid change in the world has certainly kept things interesting at Humotech in 2021. It has inspired us to become more agile and double down on our commitment to teamwork and collaboration. That said, we’re pleased to share our second annual year in review with you. Read on for our proudest accomplishments and plans for the year ahead!

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Press Release: University of Michigan, Humotech partner to bring open-source bionic leg to research labs

The open-source, artificially intelligent prosthetic leg designed by researchers at the University of Michigan will be brought to the research market by Humotech, a Pittsburgh-based assistive technology company.

The goal of the collaboration is to speed the development of control software for robotic prosthetic legs, which have the potential to provide the power and natural gait of a human leg to prosthetic users.

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Not Safe for Work: Reducing Pain and Injury With Exoskeletons

In today’s workforce status quo, certain jobs inevitably come with a higher risk for bodily injury. Warehouse operators, construction workers, health care workers, agricultural workers, and many essential jobs require lifting, bending, and repetitive movement that can strain the back and body.

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Humotech Goes Mobile With the Portable Caplex System

Humotech now offers a completely portable robotic emulation system to assist the research and development of wearable assistive devices. Introducing the BCK-001 Portable Caplex System – a compact, lightweight version of Caplex that can be worn as a backpack inside or outside of the lab, or mounted for benchtop operation.

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Q2 Software Release: Less Noise, Better Emulation & Big Changes Ahead

We are always working on improving the Caplex system and crafting a better user experience, and Humotech’s Q2 software release delivers on both. During the past few years we’ve been focused on streamlining the operator experience, leading in part to several upgrades to the GUI in our earlier software releases. The GUI gets some additional TLC this time around, but our 2021 Q2 release ushers in a series of major improvements to Humotech’s core competency: our controllers. 

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