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Humotech Onboard, Vol 1(3) September, 2019

Caplex EXO-005 is our new lightweight, high-performance tethered ankle exoskeleton. Its sleeker, form-fitting design accommodates more dynamic movement so you can explore your research questions at higher speeds, over uneven terrain, or even outdoors! (Spoiler alert: portable Caplex coming soon!)

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Humotech Onboard, Vol 1(2) May, 2019

When it comes to lower body biomechanics and assistive devices, research has often focused on foot and ankle function. This research inevitably raised new questions, leading to rising interest in how the hip functions (and malfunctions). Clearly, better understanding of the hip’s role is crucial to the efficacy of exoskeleton and prosthetic devices.

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Humotech Onboard, Vol 1(1) February 2019

As we begin our fourth year, we wanted to share some of the exciting events that we’ve experienced in the past year and give you a quick look at what’s coming up in 2019. In future issues, we’ll include news and more from the fields of robotics and prosthesis, orthosis, and exoskeleton research and development.

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