Meet the Caplex System

Humotech’s Caplex™ system gives you the freedom to explore, experiment, and innovate with less risk and shorter development time. 

Design — Test — Then Build: With Caplex, you test your ideas with real users first, then you leverage data to build more effective prototypes.

Caplex is a programmable, high-performance robotic system that emulates the real-world physical characteristics of wearable machinesfrom commercially-available physical products to next-generation conceptsto facilitate better and more efficient development, evaluation, and decision-making. Unlike in a simulation, with emulation the user experiences the physical sensations of wearing different devices or modes while using just one reprogrammable device. And, unlike with traditional trial and error or prototyping, one device can emulate many, eliminating the time-consuming need to switch between devices.

With Caplex, you can do away with clunky, finicky prototype hardware and software. Our high-performance actuation and control components are located off-board and connected via a flexible tether to the wearable device end-effector of your choice. This dramatically lowers worn mass and the time it takes to develop new end-effectors, while enabling large range of motion, high power, greater accuracy, and exceptional versatility.

Caplex System includes:

  • Two off-board components: the Control System and the Actuator Unit
    • Full-Sized Caplex: Actuators are floor standing and the separate Control System can be rack or benchtop mounted.
    • Portable Caplex: Actuators and Control System are integrated into a single unit which can be benchtop mounted or worn as a backpack.
  • Wearable Device worn by the user
  • Tether connecting the wearable device to off-board components


With the Caplex Control System, you can specify and optimize parameters of interest through our graphical user interface (GUI) in real time. And, you can implement custom control algorithms on top of our base Controller software to realize whatever ideas you may have for human assistance, augmentation, rehabilitation, or more.

The Control System commands the Actuator Unit which pulls on the cable inside the Tether, to actuate the Wearable Device according to the behaviors specified in the Controller and GUI.

The user knows how the device feels every step of the way because with Caplex, they experience the physical sensation of wearing the device you envision. When you change conditions, the user can respond with immediate subjective feedback. And of course, you can capture whatever objective quantitative data you are interested in as the user moves. This allows you to test ideas in days or weeks, informing and improving your prototype design before you’ve spent precious time and money on start-up.

The Caplex system is available in two versions:

Full-Size System: data is captured while standing, walking, running, or more on a treadmill, stairmill, or any other surface where the distance between the floorstanding Actuator and Control Units are held constant.

Portable/Benchtop System: a scaled down system with Actuator, Control, and Power Units are contained within a backpack-sized enclosure that can be used with or without treadmill and enables you to take your research outside of the lab.

Caplex is designed for use with different kinds of wearable devices. We offer a range of prostheses and exoskeletons, or you can choose to use an end-effector of your own design.

No matter what type of assistance you are exploring, questions you’re asking, or frontiers you’re pioneering, Humotech can provide the tools to get you where you want to go. 

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