Protecting Workers’ Backs

Low back injuries are pervasive, costly, and debilitating for millions of individuals worldwide. Inspired by personal experience, Karl Zelik and his team at Vanderbilt University saw this as an opportunity to apply exoskeleton technology in a new way, with a soft, flexible, unobtrusive design that operates using a deceptively simple mechanism: reducing stress on the muscles supporting the lumbar spine.
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Next Generation Clothing & Shoes

No wearable products are more ubiquitous than the clothing on our backs or the shoes on our feet, in fact, apparel is widely considered a fundamental human right. The industry that produces these products is massive, complex, and constantly innovating. Science fiction paints a picture for us of how apparel-like “exosuits” could augment mobility, enabling high-performance running, jumping, and more. Though widely considered different fields, we at Humotech see apparel and rehabilitation technology as inextricably linked in our mission to support the development of wearable technologies that enhance mobility. Towards this end, our Portable Caplex System is the result of a series of projects with special clients pushing the limits of our imagination for exoskeleton technology.
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