Open Source Leg v2

Accessible Prosthetic Leg R&D

One of the grand challenges in the proliferation of powered robotic limbs is thought to be the ease of controlling these complex systems by their human users and the versatility of their control algorithms across a variety of users and activity types. The Open Source Leg was born in response to the need for a portable, powered, product-like leg to serve as a common development platform. The growing community of researchers and developers, now with support from Humotech, which provides fully-assembled legs as well as assembly packages, are pursuing a wide variety of novel approaches to prosthetic leg control.
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CLiMB Center

Clinical Decision-Making with Caplex

Utilizing emulation to provide a means to rapidly test-drive enable evidence-based personalized prescriptions to optimize patient outcomes and justify reimbursement has been one of Humotech’s primary objectives since the company’s inception. Foundational research & development began at Carnegie Mellon University, and then was licensed to Humotech and further developed & evaluated by a variety of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) research centers. This work started with emulating prosthetic feet test-drive strategies, with an emphasis on optimizing subjective patient satisfaction outcomes, and is now expanding in a variety of directions including the use of balance-related outcomes and emulation of ankle-foot orthoses, to name a few.
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