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Humotech Short Description

Humotech provides a wearable robotic emulation platform to accelerate innovation in prosthetics, exoskeletons, and more by supporting researchers & developers with the tools they need to design, test, and evaluate products and concepts more quickly and effectively.

Humotech Long Description

Humotech (Human Motion Technologies LLC) provides a wearable robotics platform (Caplex) that enables researchers and developers to rapidly iterate on and evaluate different approaches to assisting human mobility in order to accelerate innovation in prosthetics, orthotics, exoskeletons, and beyond. Caplex is typically used as a tool to design new products or to emulate and compare existing products more effectively. Similar to simulation, emulation enables operators to experiment with device function in the digital domain, but unlike simulation, emulation involves real human users in the loop so that they can provide real-time, individualized feedback to personalize device assistance. Humotech serves clients in the US, Canada, and Europe on a wide variety of application areas, but is best known for its work developing prosthetic foot and ankle-foot orthotic test-drive strategies for veterans and servicemembers through a series of DoD/VA clinical trials. Humotech was founded in 2015 as a spin-out of the Experimental Biomechatronics Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon University and today operates out of its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

Year Founded: 2015


To transform the way the world develops and uses wearable machines.


We want all individuals to be able to leverage the best available technology in order to realize their mobility goals and improve their lives.

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