Exciting update from our collaborators at the VA Center for Limb Loss & Mobility (CLiMB)!

Beth Halsne was the recipient of an Orthotic & #Prosthetic Education & Research Foundation (OPERF) 2020 Fellowship Award for research on gait #biomechanics with commercial and emulated feet. The one-year fellowship recognizes outstanding graduate students and their excellence in research related to the O&P profession. Beth and her advisor David Morgenroth will use this award […]
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Bump’em – Stanford’s Gait Perturbation System

Researchers at Stanford University have created a completely open source robotic perturbation system (Bump’em). The system simulates various modes of fall-inducing perturbations in a repeatable way, enabling fundamental research on human gait and balance and facilitate the development of devices to assist human balance. To facilitate use by researchers from all backgrounds, the team designed […]
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